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AirWave - Error while configuring Template Variables

Hi Everyone,


I'm using the latest Version of AirWave (8.2.2) and have some trouble with my group configuration.


Description of my problem:

I create a global Group (global_test). In this global group I created a template with template variables (i.e. temp_1) and give it a value (i.e. 12).

Next I created a new group (leaf_test), that uses the global group (global_test). Now I want to change the value of the template variable (temp_1) to an new value (13). If I click on save, I get a blank page (see attached screen) and nothing happened. The new configuration was not been saved.


This is only a simple example. On my live system I have three global groups with approximate five child groups per global group.


Have you got any suggestions what I can do now?


Many thanks in advance!


Best regards from Germany,


Marcel Hess



some (possibly not all) typing mistakes corrected

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Re: AirWave - Error while configuring Template Variables

I opened a Support Case and they confirmed the issue.

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