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AirWave IAP Firmware Updates - Old versions Only?

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Curious question - Worked with a customer who wants to use AirWave for firmware updates to their IAP clusters. AirWave is and IAPs are on When we look at the available firmware updates from the Aruba server, it shows versions that are 6+ months old as the most recent. Is the available software dependent upon the AirWave version we are running? I believe the AirWave server should have internet access, but could that also be a possible reason? I don't have the exact versions it offered, but when I looked them up, they were released in 6/2016.



Michael Haring
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Re: AirWave IAP Firmware Updates - Old versions Only?

AirWave doesn't automatically pull the list of latest images.  You'll want to update the list by doing something like:

1) Go to Groups

2) select a group that has IAPs

3) navigate to the Firmware sub-tab for that group

4) click the 'update' option

This will fetch the current list of firmware images from the activate server



Rob Gin
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