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AirWave Serial Number Retrieval



I borked up my AirWave upgrade and need to contact support, but first I need to find my serial number. Is there any way to do it from the CLI? Can't do it from the web interface.




Re: AirWave Serial Number Retrieval

You can use the below command to get the serial number,

 # dmidecode -s system-serial-number

In case you dont have the dmidecode rpm installed you would have to install that first inorder to run the command.

You can check it using below command,

# rpm -qa dmidecode

If its not present, install it using the below command,

# yum -y install dmidecode

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Re: AirWave Serial Number Retrieval

Please just call in and mention that you can't access the serial number. Good chance that TAC can look up if you have an active support contract, and in that case, they will assist you in my experience.


If you registered your Airwave, it should be in your MyNetworking account:


Also, after registration, you should have received the license in your mail. The Airwave software serial number is in that file as well.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).

Re: AirWave Serial Number Retrieval

Vishnu's answer only works if you have direct CLI access.  AMPCLI, you'll have to go into Enter Commands to run 'dmidecode'.  The dmidecode rpm is already installed if you're on AMP or newer.


Ultimately, the hardware serial isn't what is gauged for support, it's the license key.  If you're on 8.2.6 or newer, you can do the following:

Login to the AMPCLI

Go into Enter Commands

$ license


This prints out your AMP license key which is easier to trace than the hardware serial.



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Re: AirWave Serial Number Retrieval

Thanks all for the replies. I've gathered what info I could and have opened a TAC case. Fingers crossed!



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