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AirWave Upgrade Questions

Hello, everyone.


I have a question about AirWave OS upgrade.


Currently using version


I want to upgrade to, can I upgrade at once without going through the intermediate version?


If I have to go throught the intermediate version, which version should I go through?

Re: AirWave Upgrade Questions

Yes, you can directly upgrade to from

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Re: AirWave Upgrade Questions

In case of AirWave no internet connection, How to process this?

In version 8.2.4 and newer, I cannot access as root to do anything.

Please advise.


Thank you,
Ratchapas S.
Thailand ^_^

Re: AirWave Upgrade Questions

You can download the image from the support site and manually upload to the Airwave server via the cli.

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Re: AirWave Upgrade Questions

Direct SCP access is not allowed in 8.2.4. So, you will need to upload it to another server which has SCP access.




AirWave Management Platform 8.2.4 on localhost.localdomain

  1  Upload File

  2  Download File

  3  Delete File

  4  Backup

  5  Restore

  6  Support

  7  Upgrade

  8  Advanced

  9  Security

10  Custom Commands

  q  >> Quit

Your choice: 1


Running Upload File


SCP Source (user@host:path):<upgradepackage>


Uploading root@<upgrade package>


Once upload done, click on option 7


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