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AirWave VM configuration

Hi Community,


I want to know which requirements are needed to implement AirWave VM (CPU, RAM, Virtualization Platforme etc.)


Thank you all.



Re: AirWave VM configuration



I uploaded for u the needed info.(attached to this post as PDF) Read chaper 3 (page 8)  Virtualization




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Re: AirWave VM configuration

Pay close attention to the part where it says 20% increase for a VM installation.  This accounts for VM processing overhead.


Also, VMs sometimes stray from time, so you'll want to make sure that you have NTP actively syncing.  We've seen instances where the server time has strayed behind by 2 hours over 3 months time.


These recommendations are also based on using VMWare ESXi.  Other VM applications may take up additional overhead.

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