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AirWave Wireless Management Suite on Centos 6

Folks, My first post so hoping you are easy with me if its been asked before :-) So we've migrated to Aruba controllers and AP,s with a license to run AirWave Wireless Management Suite for up to 50 devices.. Downloaded AMP-7.4.8-x86_64.rpm to install on existing infrastructure, but the install failed with the following after executing ./amp-install Unable to install on this operating system. Only RHE5 and CENT5 are supported. make: *** [check_os] Error 1 The server im trying on is CENTOS 6. Have i got any hope or do i have to build a new server ? thanks, Ivan
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Re: AirWave Wireless Management Suite on Centos 6

If this is a dedicated machine, just let the install ISO put down the included CentOS image and run with it.

If you're trying to install on a server running other software, I'd be worried about unexpected interactions with the other software.


To keep AMP happy, we put a hypervisor on the existing box, and gave 80% of the machine to AMP in it's own VM

It's working great, although AMP does take longer to start up than I'd expect (2-7 minutes) which I'm told is a side effect of running virtual.




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