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AirWave newbie

Hi all,

This is my scenario:


Virutal cluster of IAP (instant versione alredy in production.

Now my customer asked me to install AirWave.

If I link IAP to the AirWave ( with syntax (Instant:Branc1) what happen to the IAP? The configuration will be delete?

I read that the best practise is to configure IAP in "Monitor only" mode.

But if I put IAP in "Monitor only" mode, can I handle them later?



Re: AirWave newbie



Best pratice is add the device in monitor only mode, once configuration shows as Good in Airwave either you could manage the devices using template or IGC mode.


if you want to manage using template mode , need to place the device in  manage mode and  using IGC you need to enable setting in Groups>Basic>Enable IGC option.




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