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AirWave not showing info with ArubaOS8



My customer recently deployed a WLAN using ArubaOS8 (8.2.x) and AirWave (8.2.5) as a monitoring tool. The deployment has a mobility master and two Managed Devices.

All the APs are connected to one controller (ctrl1). However, there are some clients that are terminating the tunnel to the other controller (ctrl2). All SSIDs are configured in tunnel mode.

It works fine but we are experiencing some issues in AirWave. When we look at the number of clients that are connected to each controller, one of the controller reports that zero clients are connected to it (this is actually ctrl2 - i.e. the one without APs connected to it. ctrl1 reports the right numbr of clients). However, if we look at the controller dashboard, we can see that there are clients connected to that controller.

In addition, if we look at the Controller Clusters tab in AirWave, here we can see the right number of clients in the system.

We performed an SNMP walk to see if AirWave was polling the info from the controller and in it actually doing it.

We opened a TAC case but we havent found a solution yet. I wonder if any of you has experienced the same or can shed some light on it.


UPDATE 7th December: TAC collected info to show it to the dev team becasue they think that it may be a bug. Will keep you posted


Thank you very much.



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