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AirWave slow to change classification

I have a ‘rogue’ detection issue that I am trying to investigate.


I am looking for a Real Rogue (RAPIDS detected in air and on LAN) to be identified within one hour with an email from a trap alert. The last one I simulated took approx 8 hours to be identified by AMP as a real ROGUE.


In a nutshell here is what we are finding…..


Rogue is plugged in and Aruba Controller Immediately detects as Suspected Rogue - OK

AirWave gets Suspected Rogue alert and sends email – OK

AirWave is set to poll ARP and BRIDGE TABLE of all the LAN switches Every 15 minutes – OK

AirWave changes its ROGUE classification from SUSPECTED ROGUE to ROGUE after approx. 8 HOURS – NOT OK


Is there anything I should be looking for here? Is there some other process that isn’t kicking off more quickly?


Re: AirWave slow to change classification

It sounds like it's the processing of ARP/Bridge forwarding data that's the bottleneck. 


On the AMP Setup page there's a setting for RAPIDS processing priority.  Is that set to Low?  Does setting it to High make a difference?