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AirWave user association by AP

I know that you can view the AP association history of individual Users.  But is there a way to track what users have historically been on a particular AP?  I have looked in the guides and in the software, but not found it yet.


Thank you in advance for your help!


Re: AirWave user association by AP

The best way to get association history on a single AP is to run a report.


Here's the steps I take to do this:

Find the AP, not it's name

Go to either the controller or the folder that has that AP

Select the modify devices wrench to get checkboxes

Then check only the AP that you're concerned with finding the history for

Choose the 'run report' option from below the list table

The options to get the data you're looking for are in the 'client session' report type

-you can also use just the portion you want from the custom - client session options

The two that most fit your description would be: sessions, session data by client, and summary

Note that report start and end need to cover the span of data maintained in the database.

The availability of this data is restricted by AMP Setup -> General tab -> Historical Data Retention box -> Client Association and Inactive Client categories.


Give this a try and let me know if it accomplishes what you're trying to get.  Also, try the other options under 'Client Session' to find the format you desire.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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