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Airwave 7.4.5 Update

Just wanted to pass along a shout out to the Airwave guys. The new 7.4.5 update is pretty amazing.


I can't wait to give my help desk access to the help desk page (looks like it is all HTML5). I think they will actually use it! Search is lightning fast, too. Once I go to AOS later this week, the Operating System will show up correctly.


Screenshot of help desk view:




Zach Jennings
Occasional Contributor II

Re: Airwave 7.4.5 Update

I just upgraded to 7.4.4 last week, and went to 7.4.5 this morning.

I do miss the ticketing system, but the dashboard and search capabilities are very nice.


You'll definately like it more after you upgrade your controller and start sending Airwave more detailed info

Regular Contributor I

Re: Airwave 7.4.5 Update

I also want to congrad them as well, I always face an update with trepidation but I upgraded from 7.3.7 all the way to this version without a hitch. :smileyvery-happy:

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