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Airwave (7.7.10) Wired Users

Hello all,


Is anybody aware of a way to derive meaningful stats for wired users similarly to wireless users in AMP?


Let me be a bit more clear and outline a scenario.


I have a device (in this case, it's a satelite TV box) connected to the wired port of a mesh portal (let's just think of it as a normal AP?). By virtue of the total config, AMP understands this device as a "trusted-edge-user". See below (




What's interesting at that point, is if you click the device MAC, you get taken to the screen where AMP depicts wireless centric stats, so usage shows as zero across the timeline. If you go to the Enet0 stats (the wired port to which the client is connected), you do however see data coming in (this screenshot is time delayed).




Furthermore, when you produce a "Top 10" client report (for instance), AMP would show this device as having zero usage (even over a week for example).


Anybody aware of a way to get AMP to understand wired user usage better? Assume the wired user is in a role for the purpose of this conversation.




Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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Re: Airwave (7.7.10) Wired Users

You probably have to make the port on the AP untrusted to gather any meaningful information.

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