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Airwave 8.0 automatic authorization



I'm pretty new to Airwave...


I would like to be able to get my IAP out of the box, plug it so it can communicate with Aruba Activate and get its Airwave config, and have this IAP getting automatically in Airwave in the folder that I indicated on the Activate rule to get its right firmware version and config.


Is that possible for a Virtual Controller ? I think that I saw that it was possible for the IAPs of the cluster after the Virtual Controller has been manually authorized.


Thanks in advance.


- nice2k



Re: Airwave 8.0 automatic authorization

Yes!!! This is possible.  However, 1 VC must already be configured and part of the Group in Airwave.  Think of this as your golden master config.  Once set, you can have subsequent sites/VCs be provisioned via Activate and then if the group is already established, this new VC will automatically get the config and even sync firmware based on the Group in Airwave.

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Re: Airwave 8.0 automatic authorization

Perfect, thanks a lot.

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