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Airwave 8.1 - RF Performance - Folder filters

Hi All,


I think i've found an issue with the way filters are implemented in the RF performance dashboard. 

My customer has a large multi site WAN connected network that uses a centralised master and a shared local controller for several directly connected sites. 


Each campus is running off the same Local controller in a different AP group but each campus has the access points in a unique folder in Airwave. 


when the RF performance filter is set to the root of the folders (eg. Lets say the root is australia and the campus sites are sydney , melbourne , brisbane) all the client health data looks good. when i zoom down to an actual site (eg Australia > Sydney) there is no data. I'm guess this is due to the fact that the local controller resides in the Australia folder and not sydney. 


Is what i'm seeing a limitation of the design or simply a bug? 


I was hoping client health could be tied to the connected AP and thus the folder that they both reside in rather than simply the top level view of all sites. 


Is this possible?






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Re: Airwave 8.1 - RF Performance - Folder filters

Data depends on what folder the APs are in, and not the controller...

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Re: Airwave 8.1 - RF Performance - Folder filters

Hi Colin,


Thanks for your response, can you suggest any reason why the data may not show in a subfolder view? 


If i look at some of the clients listed in the root folder, they are members of the subfolder(eg sydney) but when i select the filter as Sydney no data is presented at all. 


Might open up a support case if this isn't something simple. 



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