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Airwave and 8.2.6 Database ver

I am looking for the database platform and version info used in Airwave.  I have been unable to find anything on the current versions as to which database platform and version it is using. I want to say it is PostgreSQL but not sure I also need to verify the version. Not sure how to check that with the current CLI interface. I was hoping to integrate with the Avamar solution that we are installing. 

Re: Airwave and 8.2.6 Database ver

Airwave is an appliance solution. The embedded database running on the appliance is not remotely accessible for backup solutions, and the internal backup should be used instead. It is not possible or supported to install third-party backup agents.


You can configure off-box backups via the CLI menu (console/SSH):

4) Backup

2) Configure Automatic Transfer

1) Set Destination

Backup Destination (user@host:path): user@scpserver:/backup/airwave/



Also check the Airwave User Guide, Appendix B.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Airwave and 8.2.6 Database ver

I'll probably try this out just to save myself the hassle of downloading from the GUI.  I kind of expected a similar answer because of the changes to the Airwave.  In the earlier versions before 8.2.5 you had access to the OS.  So If wanted I could have installed an agent just never bother too. 

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