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Airwave and Comware Switches

Hi aruba-community,


I would like to add our core-layer to airwave to see the full network-topolgy. We are using two FF-5940 with IRF.


I already successfully added a single FF-5700 (Datacenter) using SNMPv3. The config seems to be all the same, but its not working for the FF-5940. Event-Status is: Status changed to 'SNMP get failed'.


SNMP-config for 5700 as followed:

dis cur | i snmp
snmp-agent local-engineid 800063A280EC9B8BF8C7A000000001
snmp-agent community write cipher $c$3$YDFtEB+4Ega3ek5TFeC1Wb9Jdz/oxsLemt31SC2DrX1G
snmp-agent sys-info version v2c v3
snmp-agent group v3 SNMPv3-GROUP write-view ViewDefault notify-view ViewDefault
snmp-agent usm-user v3 aw-snmp3 SNMPv3-GROUP cipher authentication-mode sha $c$3$qacc86UO0dixa3jXEqZDvKpunS9mz/s0xbruiPXWzhZZdAebKCE= privacy-mode aes128 $c$3$wjbnd4Xt2ZU6gyHHxMS0CUcOVe2GSwaiPuQtaauWMxoZ1w==
snmp-agent packet max-size 3500


At the beginning I was facing the same issue like here: Comware-units-and-Airwave-8-2-7, got the Error Status: Error in SNMP polling: Unknown error(interface_monitor), was able to add the 5700 to airwave but had an unknown config.


After I added service-type telnet (I had just configured ssh and https before) to the local-user I am using to manage the switch, the error vanished and I finally got the full config and a "Good" configuration for the 5700. Its now possible to monitor and manage the device. LLDP Neighbors (FF-5940) are shown correctly and I'm able to backup the current configuration.


I did the same with 5940-IRF but got the event-message I mentioned before.

I also tried different SNMP Versions for my comware-switch group in airwave and changed the snmp-agent sys-info version to "all" or the explicit version like v2c or v3 - without any success.


Any ideas?


Best regards

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