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Airwave AMON Performance Stats

Can anyone give me a brief description of what each of the AMON graphs below represents and what to look for for any issues as the Airwave user guide misses them in the discriptions for the various graphs on the performance page?







ScreenHunter_70 Dec. 02 11.26.jpg

Re: Airwave AMON Performance Stats

Hi Jon,


Amon Packet Arrival Graph shows the amount of Amon packets which have arrived on AMP and the processing rate by the PAPI daemon

PAPI CPU utilization worker graphs shows the overall CPU utilization by the various daemons which process the packets received

Amon Message loss Graph shows if any packets are missed or dropped(Network loss). if network is not healthy enough. However, Amp have the capability to check the missed data and request the controller again for that packaet.




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