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Airwave AP205 Wrong traffic report?

Has anyone seen wrong total traffic numbers from Airwave with the 205's?


We have been looking at airwave the past week or so and noticed that we had one building day after day was showing users in the top 10 traffic hogs each day.  It is a reshall and so we just thought it was them downloading or streaming all day long.  after looking at usage data with a very similar building with the same number of users we saw that our building in question was "producing" 10X more data than the similar building.


The only difference between the 2 buildings are the ap's.... one is 205's and the other is 105's.


We are running Airwave 8.0.5    and our controllers are running



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Re: Airwave AP205 Wrong traffic report?



I will let others chime in if they have seen the 205 show more inflated numbers than the 105, but the controller should not be reporting data differently based on the model of access point.


Why don't you break it down by user and see what the data says.  The AP205 is an 802.11ac device, so it is definitely possible that 802.11ac clients can achieve higher rates, as well as pass more traffic on the new hardware.  Is it true?  Well, we have to dig into the data to find out...


It is also possible that your new deployment with your AP205s is more optimal from an RF perspective and that leads to users being able to pass more traffic, more quickly.  Is that the case?  Well, dig into the data to find out.

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