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Airwave Backup Contents

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Recently, we started to backup our Airwave to an SFTP server and it has been working great, no issues. But one question my boss had asked that I did not have an answer for was is if the Controller and Mobility Master configuration was backed up as well from here. We know that they are automatically backed up in Airwave, but were wondering if they were a part of the external bacup that happens every night to the server. I have looked around for a while and have found a few different answers, so I was hoping to get a definitive answer. 

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Yes depending upon when the Airwave backup was collected. If the airwave backup, has the controllers backup's during that time, the Airwave backup will include the controller's backup too in it.


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Re: Airwave Backup Contents

Thank you for the answer! As far as I know, Airwave automatically pushes the backup at the same time every night, correct? If that is the case, is there a reason the Controller information would be included sometimes, and not others? And if there is no guarantee it would be included, is there a way to set a specific time so we could make sure it is included?


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The only reason, why we would not see the backup of controller in the Airwave backup, is if controller backup was not collected for any reason on Airwave, that we need to troubleshoot. However, If you can currently see the controller's backup being collected every day. it will definetly include that in the Airwave nightly backup. It is also a part of Airwave's backup.


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Re: Airwave Backup Contents

We need to make sure provide correct telnet/ssh credentails in Devices>manage, Airwave uses SSH credentials to take controller/switch config_backup.


Default Airwave take device config backup every night and on demand we can manually take device backup from Device>config page also Airwave take  device backup automatically if it noticed any config change on controller/switch.


We can check all device config backup files in Devices>config page. Airwave nighlty backup file will include this files aswell.



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