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Airwave Client Connection Mode "-"

Do you guys know what the "-" represents in the client connection mode? 2nd one from the bottom.


Sean Rynearson

Re: Airwave Client Connection Mode "-"

Entries with a '-' could be for several reasons.  More often it's from a client who roamed and the data packet with the roam data was missing.  It could also be clients in a pre-auth role.


For whatever reason, the connection data didn't show which band the client was attempting to connect on.  Since it's 5 unique clients, you might try configuring an alert for whenever those 5 clients are seen in the network.  That way you can check if anything shows up in the controller logs around the same time.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Re: Airwave Client Connection Mode "-"

Thanks Robert :-) @rgin


When I filler all clients by connection mode  "-" in the connected tab there are not any. But when I do this in the all clients tab I get a few. 

Actually, the ones that come up as connection mode "-" in all devices tab are showing correctly as "wired" in the connected tab.


They seem to all be wired connections behind ap205s that we are using. But, many more similar devices wired to our ap205h(s) are coming up correctly in the connection mode "wired" Not sure why these few are not.


Again, it is only showing connection mode "-" for these devices in the all devices tab and not in the connected tab. 


Thanks again man!  

Sean Rynearson
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