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Re: Airwave Client Count Discrepancy


"Prefer AMON" has been broken for quite some time, and is slowly getting better.  It used to be

client count was way off and randonly so, now it seems it is just off by a contant factor.  Hospitality port client count is always 0 with "Prefer AMON."


Some of this may be explained by packet loss of AMON packets.  The latest ArubaOS changes

the fragmentation behavior so it does not lose as many full packets when a fragment is lost.  We

have not tried that yet.


It was also suggested to us that Airwave works better with certain SNMP traps sent to it.  Then

we tried SNMPv3 and found that to be broken on the controller side, and have not yet decided whether to try lower-reliability versions of SNMP.


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Re: Airwave Client Count Discrepancy

For what it's worth, the last response we received from TAC was that the user count in Airwave with AMON enabled was including unauthenticated users in the station table and that is why the numbers were skewed.

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Re: Airwave Client Count Discrepancy



Anyone still experiencing this kind of client count discrepancy using Airwave 8.2.2?

I tried setting the "Prefer AMON vs SNMP Polling" to NO, but that made no diffrence on the client count (around 10% less) compared to number reported by the controllers...

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Re: Airwave Client Count Discrepancy

Please open a TAC case.

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Re: Airwave Client Count Discrepancy

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the advice. I will open a TAC case.

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