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Airwave Configuration Audit Polling Interval?

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For configuration audits to determine mismatches.. what is the default polling interval? Can it be adjusted?


I've set up a trigger to email and vtext my cell when the system discovers a configuration mismatch on any of my switches. But I cannot tell how quickly it'll catch the change. I renamed a port on one switch a little while ago and still don't see the mismatch in the system so it's definitly not a quick polling interval.



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Re: Airwave Configuration Audit Polling Interval?

The Audit interval is by default 'Daily' (24 hours from the last audit time for the device). You can change the interval to hourly or two from AMP Setup > General. However, this is global setting and would take affect for all devices and can cause perfromance issues if there are lots of devices.


Regarding the query about the change of config, is that done from Airwave? If so audit should happen immediately. If the config change is done on the device, then the audit will happen based on the interval.

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Re: Airwave Configuration Audit Polling Interval?

Just what I needed. Thank you!

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