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Airwave Controller Mismatches



All five of my controllers are showing a mismatch of configuration in Airwave. They're all set to monitor only mode. If I run an "Import Settings" from each individual controller the mismatch will clear for 3-5 seconds then come right back as a mismatch.


I was able to clear all my access points using this method (all monitor only mode also), however the controllers don't seem to want to clear.


Anything I could try?


AMP 7.7.11





Re: Airwave Controller Mismatches


You can remove change the "Audit Configuration on Devices" setting to No on the Basic properties of the group with your Controllers (or all groups).   



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Re: Airwave Controller Mismatches

@jghunter55 wrote:

thanks, but I would still like Airwave to audit my changes, even though it's monitoring only.

All the documentation i've read indicates the import settings feature should replace the airwave expected configuration with the actual configuration of the device, in this case the controller. It works for a few seconds, but then goes back to a mismatch. 

You can check to see what is causing the on the "Audit" section while revewing your device details and compare the Current Device Configuration vs. the Desired Configuration.  



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Re: Airwave Controller Mismatches

Are all your controllers in the same group?  Do they share a majority of similar config?


If the controllers are configured completely differently, then you should split the controllers based on config.  That way each group respectively matches a single controller.


If the controllers are all similar with only a few differences, then you can keep them in the same group with controller overrides added.  Controller overrides are added on the controller's manage page in AirWave.  These overrides let AirWave know it's okay if specific variables are seen instead of the group's desired value.

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