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Airwave Disk IO usage performance.

Do we know what is affecting the disk IO usage?

If possible, do I need to check something?

Disk IO usage pattern looks the same every day.
Disk IO Usage1.png
Disk IO Usage2.png
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Re: Airwave Disk IO usage performance.

Our Airwave peaks at around 50% disk utilization when Nightly Maintenance runs at 00:30 every day. Could this be what you are seeing? Check time under AMP Setup -> General, and check also that correct timezone is set on the Airwave server (we have to set the timezone after each Airwave upgrade).

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Re: Airwave Disk IO usage performance.

What time is your nightly backup and how long are your times under Amp Setup> General> Historical Data retention?  You could be backing up alot of data that you don't care about and that could be driving your disk utilization up because your backups are so large.

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Re: Airwave Disk IO usage performance.

Looks normal considering the appliance uses traditional (superslow) HDD:s

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