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Airwave Expansion Question

Looking for an answer to an upcoming situation. Currently i have AirWave Management Platform 8.2.5 with about 195 access points connected. We use aruba instant firmware on all of our AP's which are spread all across the country and at 3 locations over seas. Each one of our locations has their own VC and Instant Config group in order to manage that area individually without messing up another location. these 195 APs are basically spread througout these site were some sites have more AP's then other.


Well we were just aquired by another company who also uses Aruba access points. They would like for me to add their access points to our Airwave to manage. The issue here is we are not on the same MPLS network as the parent company and the only way we could accomplish this is by giving out Airwave a public IP to accomplish this. Well i DO NOT want to do that and expose Airwave to the wild wild internet. So im looking for a way to be able to have two instances of Airwave that communicate to  each other where i can manage thier AP's and mine from one central location. Anyone have any ideads? It doesnt neccassarily have to be two instances of Airwave, but just sometype of way i can manage all their APs witout having to open my Airwave with a public IP.

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Re: Airwave Expansion Question



Only way you can manage other network IAPs from same Airwave server from single location is by allowing communication between Airwave and new site.


If you can't allow communication then only option is to install new Airwave and manage/monitor new network.

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