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Airwave Failover server and Master Console

Hi everyone,


I am building a remote lab for AIRWAVE students (I work for a training company).

I have everything pretty much setup (student laptop, Airwave Server, aruba controller...), but I am missing the Failover Server (FS) and Master Console (MC).

I think that I have to install one of each, and all students will connect there; to do so, I will install a regular AIRWAVE server and will enable afterwards the FS and MC licenses.


Should it be on the same broadcast domain? In that case I need extra servers per POD...


I wuold be really appreciated some advice in terms to integrate successfully the FS and MC :)




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Re: Airwave Failover server and Master Console

Hi guys, I figured this out. It is very easy.


In order to install FAILOVER SERVER and or MASTER CONSOLE we have some concepts:

- We have to install a regular AIRWAVE server, and then, we have to add the FS or MC license. Then we just reboot the server. The server is now a FS or MC.

- FS and MC cannot be together, they are two different servers.




Re: Airwave Failover server and Master Console

After the AirWave installation, once you apply the FS or MC license, no reboot is necessary.  You just need to refresh the UI once the processes have started up.  Timing for the processes to start depends on the resources allocated to the VM instances.

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