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Airwave, IMC or both?

we're currently using older version of IMC and would need to upgrade and then configure all the switches to point to the new installation (it's somewhat in a wrong network for historical reason). I'm wondering about the current status of IMC vs Airwave, should we just go straight to Airwave instead of having the hassle of updating IMC? As we also use Cisco Prime I would like to make the monitoring environment a bit easier to manage with less tools.


For access switches SNMP traps and SNMP/ping monitoring would be good enough. And configuration backups would be great too. We're not really using IMC to push configs currently so it wouldn't matter if Airwave couldn't push the configs.


How is the Airwave support for Comware/Juniper etc, can we upload MIBs and monitor interfaces for those? From what I've understood we can't really use Prime to monitor non-Cisco devices




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Re: Airwave, IMC or both?



Please look at the supported device matrix guide for Airwave.

We cannot upload a MIB to Airwave. They have inbuilt MIB files for the supported devices and universal MIB for generic Switches.

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