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Airwave - Import AP location info

Hi all,

I've been using Airwave to monitor our Aruba environment.  I have configured the Airwave to monitor only and disable all config checks/etc.  I do not need to manage the environment from Airwave.  What I've noticed is that Airwave does not import the AP location info is configured when provision the AP.  Is this by design?  I have a number of APs that has the info on Airwave but I realize this info was imported when the system was setup to manage as well.

Appreciate any feedback.




Re: Airwave - Import AP location info

Airwave's VisualRF module allows for importation of Floorplans and APs.


From the Airwave WEBUI, navigate the VisualRF and then 'import' and you will find this dialogue there: 


Import Floor Plans from an Aruba Controller

This option enables automatic importation of buildings and floor plans from Aruba Controllers into VisualRF.

Prior to clicking the Begin Importing Floor Plans link below, ensure VisualRF's memory allocation is sufficient for the anticipated number of floors plans. To change the memory allocation, navigate to the VisualRF Setup page and configure the memory allocation accordingly. Memory allocation should equal .5 GB for 1 – 75 floor plans, 1 GB for 76 – 250 floor plans, 1.5 GB for 251 – 500 floor plans, and 2 GB for 501 – 1,000 floor plans.

Note: Importing a large number of floor plans can impact performance of the AMP server. The VisualRF service must create a thumbnail, provision APs, create attenuation grid, and locate all clients on each imported floor plan. This can cause the VisualRF --> Floor Plans page to be unresponsive. Also importing from Cisco WCS 7.0 is not supported.


  1. On the controller navigate to the Plan --> Building List page.
  2. Select the buildings to be exported and click on the Export button.
  3. When the dialog box appears, make sure that you have included all images and click the Save to a file button.
  4. Click the Begin Importing Floor Plans link below.
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Re: Airwave - Import AP location info

Thanks for the reply but I think was not clear as to what I'm referring to.  The location info is not the WAP location (placement on a map), it's the SNMP Location field available when provisioning an AP.  I input descriptive info here that is not imported.  For some reason this field is not imported since I made the following changes:


- AMP Setup > General:

a) Change "Device Configuration Audit Interval" to Never

b) Under "Top Header" uncheck "Mismatched"


I may have to reach out to support to see what this issue could be.  Seems strange it would not import this when I have the above 2 options unchecked.  Prior to that it imported the info fine but maybe it was doing it as part of the configuration audit.



One more place I made a change:

Under Groups > <GroupName> > Audit Configuration on Devices : "No"




Re: Airwave - Import AP location info

Good call... and good details to frame the actual problem field.


Yes you will want to open a ticket if something that was working, no longer is...  thats a good approach.

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Re: Airwave - Import AP location info

So I resolved the issue.  I had to re-enable configuration audit.  Strange but I guess the SNMP location is configure part of the configuration.  Oh well. :)


Thanks for assisting.



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