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Airwave - Importing Ekahau Maps

I'm wondering if anyone has any idea on how to import Ekahau maps into airwave? I've been looking everywhere and cannot find any instructions. There are several mentions in the manual about gathering data from Ekahau, but no actual instructions on it. I also tried exporting / importing as WCS and that does not work either. 


Re: Airwave - Importing Ekahau Maps

This feature used to work until the formatting of the ekahau backup changed.  It's currently a feature request that you can upvote:

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Airwave - Importing Ekahau Maps

I was afraid of that. I would upvote, but it is telling me I do not have access to the site. :) 



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Re: Airwave - Importing Ekahau Maps

I'm not sure if anyone else is looking for a solution to this, but I've kind of found one. I exported the maps into WCS format in Ekahau, and spun up a VM with Airwave 8.0.3 running. I was able to import the maps using 8.0.3 and then export them into VisualRF format and import them into the latest version of Airwave...  It appears just the WCS import function is broke in the latest versions of Airwave. It is kind of a long way around aproach, but for someone not wanting to have to redraw maps in VisualRF it saves a lot of time.

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