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Airwave Install issues

Good day,


I am installing airwave with the latest release on the support site of aruba.


When i boot the vm it shows the aruba splash screen as mentioned in the install guide. As soon as the install is finished and the server reboots it hangs on the following screen.


Can someone please assist?


Re: Airwave Install issues

I had trouble getting the installer to wok and the VM to boot until I found the right virtual hard drive controller (SCSI in this case)

When I'd been running IDE or SATA, the CentOS installer never picked the right drivers.


Hope this gets you moving...




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Re: Airwave Install issues

I noticed you mentioned that you're doing the VM install, the best course of action is to open a support case.  They can help you through this process fairly quickly.


Here's a few general questions to have the answer to beforehand:


Is the install on a dedicated VMhost?  Or are you trying to load it into VMPlayer or VMWorkstation?

* OVA files work in VMHosts through VSphere Client

* VMX files work in VMWare Player and VMWare Workstation


If on VMWare Player or VMWare Workstation, how much RAM did you allocate to the AMP instance?

* The built VM images typically require 4-8 GB RAM depending on the image used.


A blank screen is typically a signal that there's not enough RAM to get past the boot.  Another option is that it's at the sleep screen, in which you should be able to click into the console and hit space to see some text - I believe it idles at 5 minutes.

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