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Airwave/Instant GUI missing features


since 8.4 something there has been additional GRE tunnel functionality (backup GRE tunneling server, GRE "ping" etc). We terminate GRE tunnels on our own devices (Nokia service provider stuff). We use both ipv4 and ipv6 gre tunneling and its works just fine

But, maybe a bug or hell knows why, if GRE tunnel is inactive/down, it will take down ALL SSID-s (really don't know why?!?!?), even corporate ones that are not meant to be tunneled.


there is a solution: on CLI, its gre disable-reconnect-user-on-failover and It's the same feature on Instant web gui on the instant controller. But there isn't such a feature on Aruba Airwave Instant GUI!!! It's just not there. And we cant configure over CLI/internal web, as Airwave Instant GUI disables local management.


Now also, we'd also like to activate feature, where SSID will be disabled, when tunnel is down. Feature "out-of-service vpn-down" does not work, as it affects only IPsec based tunnels, not GRE (i'm not sure about aruba-gre, this is meant to be terminated to aruba mobility controllers).


so 2 questions:

a) when or if, this "gre disable-reconnect-user-on-failover" will be available for Airwave Instant GUI configuration

b) if or when this out-of-service VPN down will work with non-aruba GRE tunneling

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Re: Airwave/Instant GUI missing features

May I know Airwave version?

Pavan Arshewar | ACCP

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Re: Airwave/Instant GUI missing features

AW is latest official
typical firmwares for AP-s are and