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Airwave LIC Question

if i have AW LIC for 500 user & want to exnted to 700 user , so i need extension LIC for more 200 user :

Q1 :is it 200 * AW-EXP1-50  ... or is it : AW-200 ?

Q2 :Also for HW option  what is difference between "AW-HW-PRO : professinal "  & "AW-HW-ENT : enteprise "

Q3 :does HW needs LIC or it is included ?




Re: Airwave LIC Question

First, the license is per managed device (AP, Controller, Switch, etc.)....not user.


  1. I've done it both both ways.  Either way, you have to consolidate the new license key with your eixsing one.   You chould be able to do this on the site; under My AirWave
  2. The difference is in the HW components; thus the supported number of devices;aw-hw-size.jpg 
  3. the HW does not include the licenses
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Re: Airwave LIC Question

Should keep in mind that if the server is older than 2 years, the expected values would be closer to

AW-Pro = 1000

AW-Ent = 2500


And if you have any problems consolidating your license key, support would be able to assist.

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