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Airwave Legacy License Migration Process


Hi ,


Is the Migration of licenses possible from legacy aruba airwave to  new licensing ?


If yes ,please guide on the migration process of legacy airwave license  ( AWMS-PRO  AND AWMS-PRO-FR , AW-1000) based on legacy aruba airwave appliance to VM based on new airwave license scheme.


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Re: Airwave Legacy License Migration Process

There is no migration in particular needed when you move from an Appliance to a VM.
Make sure the License key and the new server have the same IP address. In case you are planning to change the IP on the new server you would have to regenrate the license key with new IP as the Permanant license is tied to the IP of the server.

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Re: Airwave Legacy License Migration Process


Contact Aruba TAC and Local Sales teams

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