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Airwave Multi-Server Cluster

I was watching the 2014 Airheads Network Management with Aruba AirWave, and became interested in the Multi-Server Cluster architecture. In regards to the example referring to (2 Database Nodes and 3 Worker Nodes), is this 5 separate Airwave Server licenses?

  • First Pair for our Campus/Academic Buildings (1100 APs -> Roug guess of 1500 by end of year)
    • Approximately 9,000 Client Peak
  • Second Pair for our Residence Halls (800 APs -> Expecting 1630 by end of year)
    • Approximately 2,400 Client Peak
  • We also are in process of moving from Meru. If we switched over tomorrow, we'd probably have a peak of 17,000 clients.
  • Since we're a public university/campus environment, we see a large amount of new client devices a day (About 25,000 on Thursday - Although it varies due to class schedules). During a 7 day period, we'll see about 44,716 unique devices - gathered via DHCP leases. Wireless Neighbors (Classified by Airwave), see approximately 15,000. I bring this up as it's mentioned in the Sizing Guide this needs to be taken into consideration (University/Airport enivornments).

I bring this up as we've recently been informed by our VM Administrator that we are hitting our configured specs with only 2000 devices while VM resources allocated to match that from the Server Sizing Guide AW-HW-ENT - approximately 4000 devices. We've been discussing obtaining a second Airwave License, and running two Airwave servers. One for Campus population and one for Residence Hall population. The cluster option seems very appealing (one database, scalability for additional worker nodes for performance -> assuming that's our issue. Also the VM Administrator mentioned a desire in splitting our Airwave server into three pieces. Cost is a big question of two airwave servers vs clustering.

I should note that we do have a TAC case open concerning if we are hitting our limits. We have seen an increase in AMON Message Loss - although TAC stated this was negligible. Thanks for your time.


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Re: Airwave Multi-Server Cluster

Hi Chris - Please reach out to your Aruba SE regarding the AirWave clustering option.

| Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security | @timcappalli | |

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