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Airwave OS update

I just migrated to a new Airwave server and did the ISO install.  The version of Cent OS is 6.2, but I was wondering if it's ok to update to CentOS 6.5 and put the OS on our own local update server.




Re: Airwave OS update

I vote to not update to CentOS 6.5.


I haven't gotten any announcements about CentOS 6.5 being released yet, so I can't safely vouch for a version that I haven't seen.  I'd also suggest leaving the OS at CentOS 6.2 unless there's a special reason to update to CentOS 6.5.  The main reason for not updating is because QA has fully tested and vetted CentOS 6.2.  We also do security updates during general and patched releases for critical security updates that pertain to the AirWave server.

Rob Gin
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Re: Airwave OS update

I meant CentOS 6.4, but you answered the question about patching for security holes. 


Thank you

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Re: Airwave OS update



can i have some links for airwave patches and security updates?


my airwave version is 7.7.11



Need your feedback on this


Thanks in advance

Re: Airwave OS update

The release notes for all AirWave updates are within the Support > Downloads folder on the Aruba support page.

Jerrod Howard
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