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Airwave Recommended VM Sizing

I have read the PDF that has beta test data and the specs for the hardware appliances.

I am sizing a server to run AirWave, some of the questions in the guide...


Device Count? 250 APs 50 Network Devices, 200-15000 clients AAGT

High Mobility Environment? YES

Number of Clients per AP? 1-100

IAP Clusters? No

Mostly new clients? YES

More than 20% monitored devices are switches? No

High SNMP trap volume? Dont think so.

Large demand for reports or fast report generation? There will be reporting.

Higher than default retention of monitoring data? What is default?

High colume of rogues? Not likely.

High VisualRF utilization? YES

Greater than default SNMP polling periods? It says 10, this 10 seconds or minutes? Either are fine.

Virtualized? YES, Has this been tested with Proxmox VE?






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Re: Airwave Recommended VM Sizing


Re: Airwave Recommended VM Sizing

QA tests on VMware 6.5.  If you're using a Vhost that hosts other instances, the key is to make sure that the AirWave instance gets enough disk priority to complete data transactions with the IOPs needed.  It's heavy on the reads and writes to the database, so usually we like to see dedicated Vhosts if possible.  And to account for the virtual layer, you typically want to upsize the specs by 20% for VM overhead cost.

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Re: Airwave Recommended VM Sizing

To follow up on that, in the meantime, there is an online (beta!) Airwave Sizing Calculator that helps you to match your situtation to one of the three reference servers and guesstimate the recommended sizing in your environment.


Find the AirWave Sizing Calculator at Aruba Solution Exchange.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Airwave Recommended VM Sizing

I saw this and it seemed to be non functional in the sense that I didn't see where I could enter in data. I actually ended up just building a server. I was able to double the specs on the largest appliance for a pretty good cost. I will still virtualize it. If anything else needs to run on that box it will be super low resource. So I will have sufficient resources to dedicate to AirWave. Thanks all!