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Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

When running a report you can select to filter on "Devices" or "Client/Users".  If you select "Clients/Users" you can then use the client search filter, however I can't find any documentation indicating what sort of search filter this is.


I've tried using regular expressions, boolean logic, comma separated, etc...but nothing seems to work.  From what I can tell it's simpy a string search with no logic built in or capability of searching for multiple clients.


I'm hoping I'm missing something and that someone out there could clue me in as to what the syntax for searching is.  I had hoped it would be a regular expression search b/c then the options would be endless, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


The reason I'd like to figure this out is b/c I need to run a report on client sessions from a list of specific clients.  The list includes about 25 different clients and it seems overboard to have to run 25 different reports...or somewhat arduous to run a report on all of my users and then filter it with excel afterwards (which is what I'm in the process of doing) the list to generate the data I'm looking for takes a good amount of time to create due to the number of users in my environment and the length of the search window (session data for over 2 months, etc...).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

The search is just a simple string search. We search a given set of attributes under clients and find everything that matches that string. The attributes of a client that we search for are:












In your case is there an attribute (listed above) that you can use to identify these clients?







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Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

I am having the same issue trying to figure out how to set up an Airwave Network Usage report to include multiple devices.  I can run the report against a single device with no problem but not multiple devices. 


On the Network Usage Report, for example, what is the correct format to add multiple devices in the "Device Search Filter" or to use a wildcard to include all devices that begin or end with a specific string?



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Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

I also would love for the reporting to be able to select multiple users/devices in the search criterias.  Feature request ?!


Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

Do you mind adding it to the feature requests on the support portal? It is on the roadmap and I am looking at it for future releases.

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Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

I have tried many different options in trying to run a client session report for a particula mac address.  In the 'Device Search Field' I have entering just the mac addesss, xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx. I tried 'mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx' I tried 'mac address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx' still the report does not select any information for the client I am searching for.  I have been monitorin the client connection in Airwave so I know there have been sessions during the period I am searching on.  Is there any documentation on the syntax required for using the 'Device Search Filter' on the report definitions screen.


Thank you

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Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

is this feature added to Airwave yet ? I am using version 7.7.8 but still unable to find this option.?please  advice..



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Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter


No it seems not.  It appears that this field uses the same mechanisms as the Home/Search tab you are brought to if you click on the search term link in the report's Subject field, and the instructions on that page say nothing about anything but simple substring/exact-match searches.  You can try various things on that page by editing the URL (/search?query=XXX) rather than trying to run report after report looking for magic metacharacters (other than quotes for exact-match) and waiting for results.


If you cannot classify these using the other fields or with the help of the exclude filter, and if there are a small number of specific clients you want to report on, consider adding a unique string to the notes field for those clients and search on that.  I just tested that in 8.0.4 and that works, probably has for many versions.


Note the fields like "Device Type" perform an OR with each other not an AND, though they do perform an AND with the Client Search String, so you can only narrow with one and then after that you are broadening.


Could use some improvement definitely.


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Re: Airwave Report - Clients Matching Filter

Thanks Brian. It  is definitely a workaround until Aruba adding this feature to their Airwave. 

I have tried it and it worked ... :)


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