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Airwave Report for Broadcasting SSIDs

Hey all,


I tried searching for this before asking and couldn't find anything, but I was curious to know if there was a simple way for me to run a report in Airwave to see the SSIDs being broadcast at all locations. It would be equivalent to logging into each controller via PuTTy and running the "show ap essid" command.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Airwave Report for Broadcasting SSIDs

SSH into Airwave and type:


on_controllers "show ap essid"

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Re: Airwave Report for Broadcasting SSIDs

Thanks for the fast response, Colin. I ran the report from Airwave as root and what was expected happened, however it couldn't query my Instant clusters because we have SSH disabled for those devices. I then checked an Instant CLI and didn't find the "show ap essid" command there. What do I need to do differently to query Instant clusters to provide the same info as a controllered "show ap essid" command?


Thank you!

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