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Airwave Report permissions

Hi All,


I'm trying to work out how i can make reports viewable from a read only user on Airwave.


Currently the predefined reports are set all as per default and when i login as an admin i can see them.


If i login as a read only user role, i can access the reports page but can't see any of the predefined reports.


I have enabled and disabled the allow role based report visibilty however if i try and select subject based permissions i can't see any reports created by admin when i login as the read only user.


As an admin user i can see the read only users reports but not the other way around.


Is there any way i can publish report templates as an admin so that read only users can access the reports i want them to see?


I'm using 7.7.9

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Re: Airwave Report permissions

There's no way for non-admin users to see report definitions created by other users. However, if a report definition is created with Generated Report Visibility set to By Subject, then other users (including non-admins) will see generated reports whose subject matter (e.g. groups, folders, devices) they can see.

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Re: Airwave Report permissions

thanks i didn't get far enough to check that. makes sense now!

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