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Airwave Report question

HI all, 

When new IAP105's are installed, we automatically put them into groups and folders based on the DHCP tag info that we pass to them.  We will see in the Alerts, "New Device Discovered" (and we have set up a trigger to notify us when this occurs).

Now we would like to create a weekly report that has the date time stamp of the "New Device Discovered", as well as the group and folder information where it landed.


Any thoughts on how to best pull this information out?


Our plan is to send this information via e-mail to another group, but they would have to click on the "link to this report" in the e-mail, get logged in, and have to export it from Airwave as a CSV file.  I see that there's already been discussion regarding Airwave not being able to send .csv files yet - but it would be nice to have that capability in a future release.



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Re: Airwave Report question

We do have some plans on the drawing board to improve the report workflow specifically to allow you to deliver reports to other stakeholders within your organization. 


Today, your best bet is to try to leverage the existing APIs to get a list of devices and calculate the differences each week. Or TAC can help you create some database queries to use in the interim. 

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Re: Airwave Report question

Thanks, Jason!

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