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Airwave SMTP Question

Im working with the latest version of airwave and there doesnt seem to be an option to add SMTP authentication. I could be wrong but i remember in previous version it allowed you to add this via GUI, has this been taking out in the newer version of airwave or am i just looking in the wrong location? The only thing i seem to see under the general section is adding mail relay server and this says (optional) Can anyone explain how this embeded mail server works exactly? Do you have to have any special configurations for this to work correcltly or will airwave send mail directly? Ive tried leaving this blank and running a test email but it doesnt seem to work.


I appreciate any help i can get with this thanks very much!

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Re: Airwave SMTP Question

AirWave uses Postfix. You can modify the configuration file to add custom options like relay authentication.


Take a look at the section "Enabling SASL authentication in the Postfix SMTP/LMTP client" in this doc:

Enabling SASL authentication in the Postfix SMTP/LMTP client

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