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Airwave SMTP configuration missing Email

Hi guys, 


I have been asked for configuring SMTP for sending reports. I have checked the test Email out working fine confirmed by the Postfix log. 


The next step was configuring a simple test report setting up the email part with the same "From:" and "To:" boxes as the test Email.


The report was run, and finalized, also can be open perfectly but it is not send. I forced to send the Email throught the report and the screen says that has been sent but it was not. Added, checking the Postfix log, there is no log about this email. It is like if the webUI has done it but any kinf of piece would not work.


Can anyone, please, let me know how to go on?


Thank you in advanced!!





JoseMi Cruz

Re: Airwave SMTP configuration missing Email

Hey, which version of AirWave are you running? AW will queue the mail locally until it is available for delivery. Is there any firewalls between AW and the intended recipient? If so you may need to do the following...


1. Add the following line to /etc/postfix/
relayhost = []
Where: is the IP address or hostname of your smart host.

2. Run service postfix restart

3. Send a test message to an email address.
Mail -v
Subject: test mail
. CC:

4. Press Enter.

5. Check the mail log to ensure mail was sent by running this command:
tail -f /var/log/maillog

Also check your junk mail, I've had a few end up in there before ;) 

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: Airwave SMTP configuration missing Email

You should be able to do the full email test from the AMP setup page (under Additional AMP Services -> Mail Relay Server -> Send Test Email).


Postfix messages are logged into the 'maillog' which can be seen from System Status -> Postfix Mail Server

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