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Airwave Server sizing

Hi, I currenty running Airwave 7.5.X, managing 1000 devices. 

I would like add additional license to manage more deivces. How many devices can I manage by the server?


Server spec as below,

CPU - 1x intel Xeon X5670

Memory - 32GB

HDD - 4 x 146GB


Thanks so much


Re: Airwave Server sizing

The answer depends on the number you are planning to add.   Please see the attached 7.7 server sizing guide for minimum and recommended sizing guidelines.   You can use the tables to compare your specs to those in the guide.   Your specs border the 1000-1500 device range.

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Re: Airwave Server sizing

Thks so much for reply.


Before I post question here, I have read the server guideline but It can't seem relate to my server processor. I check back the server guide on version 7.0.x, my server processor can manage up to 2500 devices.


So not sure on version 7.5 and above, how many devices can manage. I looking to manage around 2000 devices.

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