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Airwave - Switch Config

When it comes to deployment of switch configuration in Airwave Im a complete newbie. I read the switch guide for Airwave and applied "Aruba Mas" to get the "Switch Config" tab for the group containing one test switch. (Aruba 2920).


The Aruba 2920 is configured with SSH and SNMP, upgraded to latest version, and monitoring and configuration audit is working as expected.

The switch is also set to "read/write+apply all".


How do I push settings applied from: (see picture)


Do i need to register the switch with Airwave in the CLI ?


Any advice ?


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Re: Airwave - Switch Config



what you see in the screen shot is the configuration for legacy Aruba Switches.

ArubaOS based Switches will be configured via templates.


for documentation.

AirWave Switch Config Guide.pdf

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