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Airwave Switch Templates - Able to create variables?

Are we able to create variables (not already created) for a switch template in Airwave?


I have a use case where switches are being deployed to many sites. The configurations are the same; however, IP networks are different for the various sites. Configuration includes VLAN interfaces and VRRP configuration. Is there a way to create a variables (whose name is also meaningful to its place in configuration), or must only use the available variables?

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Re: Airwave Switch Templates - Able to create variables?

Hi, We have the option of using custom variables where you can't change the variable names i.e ap_include_1 to ap_include_10 on the manage page. But, there is another option called dynamic variables where you can create your own variable names and use them. Attached file explains the procedure of using dynamic variables.
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Re: Airwave Switch Templates - Able to create variables?

amithk Thank you! Although, I didn't use this doc, but another our SE was able to find, this was exactly what I needed. Worked just as I wanted to. This may need to be submitted via a feature request, but it seems like the CSV file just updates the database in Airwave that holds all the variables. Is this correct? If so, wouldn't it be easier to add a field(s) somewhere that just allows to add variables/update the database using the GUI? Then we can use these created variables in the templates without the need for creating and uploading a whitelist CSV (although this is a neat feature).
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