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Airwave Templates for Auditing purposes only

My client wants templates set up so that they can ensure all their controllers globally have similar configurations based on group.  They do not want Airwave managing controllers.  I fetched a configuration from a controller they specified as having a good config, and used it to build a template.  Now the group is asking to push that template to all members.  Since all devices are Monitor only, I don't see how it will push any configs.  I just want to use this one example as a comparison for the rest to be audited against for mismatched, or non-standard configurations.


Is that posssible?  Maybe I am not understanding the MisMatch correctly.

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Re: Airwave Templates for Auditing purposes only

If you don't want to actually manage, just import the configuration from the
"golden" controller to the group, then put each of your controllers into the
group and it will compare the configurations.

Just make sure the group and the controllers are set as

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Re: Airwave Templates for Auditing purposes only

Thanks.   So,

Go into group, then Templates.  Add new template.  Give name, then under Template Select hit down arrow to select controller, and hit Fetch.


I populates Template config box with config from controller.  Click Add.


From the Group:

Audit Configuration on Devices:
Toggling this will set all devices in this group to 'Monitor Only'  (Yes)

Manage local configuration on controllers:
This option enables/disables the management of local configuration including audit, push and import operations  (No)


So, if I hit Save and Apply in the group, all it is going to do is compare all the other controllers in the group against the one selected in the template?

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