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Airwave Traffic Graphs

I have Airwave with multiple controllers and few traffic graphs.  


One pair is a 7200 series controller.  When I look at the traffic graphs for the controllers on Airwave versus the network ports that they're attaching to, they're not even close to lining up.  On my MRTG I am seeing upwards of 150 Mbps to 210 Mbps, however the controller in Airwave is showing around 20 Mbps of usage with some spikes.  I am running code.  


I also have a number of M3 controllers, where the network port traffic isn't lining up.  It seems to be that Airwave is showing about 70% of the MRTG network traffic.  Code here is


I have reimported all the configs and done audits.  I usually run Airwave in monitor only mode.  


Does anyone have any resources or experience around this?  I am using AMON (as best I can tell, as the traffic is getting to the server), however the prefer AMON option is not enabled.  





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Re: Airwave Traffic Graphs


It's been our general experience that without prefer-amon the traffic is 1/2 to 2/3rds reality.  With prefer-AMON the client count is way too high, and I forget what happens with the traffic.  Also AppRF traffic is way too high in either case, last time I looked.  We haven't had time to debug it by setting up a clean demo-mode server.


Right now we only use it as a relative measure and when we need an absolute measure we go to other equipment.


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