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Airwave VisualRF floor plan alignment



I feed the Airwave VisualRF with floor plans and assign access points to them.

What I recognize is, that Clients are shown out of the map, or in wrong rooms and so on.


How do I align the map into the right direction?

Or what is the right direction? North-South alignment?

I can prepare the floor plans for Airwave, but I need to know in which direction.


Could not find that info in the Airwave Guide, a short answer would be fine ;-)


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Re: Airwave VisualRF floor plan alignment

Here are a few things that can help:


  1. Start with an accurate scale.  Be sure to measure the longest part of the floor plan.
  2. Be sure AP placement is accurate.
  3. Draw external walls.  Otherwise, the Airwave will assume free space path loss in places where there may be walls which will greatly attenuate the signal.
  4. Draw location probability regions.
  5. Decrease the grid size of the floor.
  6. Add a client survey.

Other things that influence client placement are the density of APs and the placement of those APs.  For example, on a square floor plan, Aruba recommends APs along he perimeter.

The Airwave user guide contains most of the tips I mentioned.  You can find the guide here:

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