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Airwave VisualRF map adjacency?


My organisation recently purchased Airwave, and the task of setting up all the maps has fallen to me. I realise that VisualRF allows for bleed between floors when set up correctly. Is there any way (or plans for future releases) for bleed from adjacent areas in different maps?


The context for this request - We have a rather large sprawling complex that would be too unweildy to encompass in one single map, yet the most logical way of breaking this into manageable areas leaves a lot of branches of the building butting up against other areas that would be in a separate map. It is not inconceivable that someone would walk from one map to the other (Area A to Area B for example), yet still be associated with the APs from the previous area.


Is there anything I can do to help Airwave accomodate this?

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