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Airwave/VisualRF user import issue

I’m working with user profiles, trying to see how we can do a user that only has access to ‘their’ visual rf plans/infrastructure.


If I’m using the administrator account that I have, it shows all the imported RF plans that I have.  I have the new user that I have created read/write access to VisualRF and have the VisualRF settings set so that only the creator of the plan can view it.  This way we can have seperate users see only their visual rf plans and groups.


So what I have been trying to do, since my administrator account holds all the rf plans, is do an export of that users rf plan; then login to the user, and do an import.  This part is working, except that after I have completed the import, nothing shows up.  It still only shows a blank campus.  Is there something I’m missing?


Re: Airwave/VisualRF user import issue

Are these floor plans for planning new sites or monitoring existing APs?  If you place a deployed AP on a site, any user that can veiw the AP will be able to see the site.  If you are only working with planned APs, then only the creator of a site can view the site with the exception of the Admin.  Admins can see everything.

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Re: Airwave/VisualRF user import issue

Ok, but with read/write access, wouldn't the user who does the 'import' be considered the 'creator'?

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Re: Airwave/VisualRF user import issue

Can you please elaborate on what's working and not working for the import process? And is this all on one AMP system? Or are you also using VisualRF Plan? 


Visibility of a floor plan is controlled by the visibility of the devices that are on the floor plan. So for live data, it doesn't really matter who imported or created a floor plan. 


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Re: Airwave/VisualRF user import issue

Nevermind, I just checked it again, and now the floor plan is showing up.  Maybe I just wasn't being patient enough for the floor plan to run through the default "update" value.

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